• Stephanie Sanzo




Welcome to my website!

I’m so excited to be able to extend my health and fitness journey with you and share with you some of what I’ve learnt along the way.

I am a mother, trainer, fitness model and powerlifter.

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children.

A son aged 10 and a daughter aged 8 years old.

I began my fitness journey after my first pregnancy.

Training and healthy eating helped me lose all of the 25 kilograms I put on during my pregnancy.

This transformation helped me regain my confidence and gave me a whole new energy towards my life, children and career.


I started social media to share my story in hope to motivate, inspire, teach and encourage others with their fitness goals.

In the hope to help others I completed my certificates and qualified as a Personal Trainer.

I run my social media as my primary source of business.

This gives me a platform to share my knowledge, motivate people and promote products.

I love working with people and also train clients to help them reach their own personal goals.



Fitness has lead me to competing as an athlete in the sports of Fitness Modelling and Powerlifting.

I have been competing in Fitness Modelling since 2013.

Over the past 3 years I have competed 8 times in the Bikini and Fitness divisions of WFF.

Placing in numerous competitions has given me great experience and insight to the industry.


My best Powerlifting Lifts

Body Weight 52-55kg / 114-121lb

– 140kg / 309lb Squat

– 75kg / 165lb Bench Press

– 145kg / 320lb Deadlift

These numbers have place me in an Elite grading scale for Powerlifting.

I believe that if you take small and maintainable steps, work towards changing your mindset and make choices that contribute to health each day, that you will reach your desired destination. No more dieting, no more pressure to be something you’re not.